What we do

MolecuLED developed organic compound technology for optimizing the following two Segments:


Display segment

Color experience for Flat panel displays.

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Horticulture segment

with focus on Cannabis growers.
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MolecuLED was created on September 2019, as a spin-off (sister company) from the well-established StoreDot company. (


The core technology invented by MolecuLED is organic compound that transfers one wave length to another with very high quantum efficiency.


At start, MolecuLED has 11 granted patents, all over the world, and it is in process to get grant for additional 12 patents.


MolecuLED CEO is Mr. Hezy Rotman, a well experienced and successful CEO in various disciplines.


MolecuLED is at the stage of $5M round A fund raise.

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