StoreDot’s MolecuLED™ technology is designed to enhance display performance of both LCD TVs and mobile devices.



The world’s first fully organic color-conversion layer, StoreDot’s MolecuLED produces vibrant and accurate colors, and in a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.


StoreDot’s innovative MolecuLED layer, containing color-conversion and color-enhancing compounds, is intended for manufacturers of LCD TV displays and mobile devices. In addition to the technology breakthrough that shows for the first time a fully organic and non-toxic color conversion layer, it is very attractive with its cost offering which is merely 10% of any competing technology.


StoreDot's MolecuLED film is comprised of proprietary organic green- and red-emitting dyes, embedded into a tailor-made organic solid matrix that is directly coated on a standard diffuser substrate, enabling its direct integration into the back-light unit (BLU) of virtually any LCD-technology and dramatically improving its color gamut.

Brilliant, vibrant colors

When excited by light, StoreDot’s MolecuLED layer generates unmatched color vibrancy and accuracy. For blue LED backlight displays it converts the blue backlight to tunable green and red wavelengths, achieving 100% DCI-P3. For white LED backlight displays it converts the yellow range of the white lighting source to red, resulting in separation of the green color from red color that increases the color gamut by up to 15%.

Metal-free, safe and eco-friendly

No Cadmium, No Indium, No metals whatsoever! Existing solutions use either cadmium or other metals banned for use in the EU and containing a warning by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). By contrast, StoreDot’s organic color-conversion enhancement layer is safe and environmentally friendly.


The MolecuLED layer generates high wavelength accuracy that guarantees high energy-efficiency, resulting in considerable cost savings. It converts light in wavelength which would have been lost by the color filters, and by that improve both the color gamut and the efficiency.


Only 10% of the cost of any known solution. Manufactured from organic compounds derived from readily available raw materials, StoreDot’s MolecuLED technology offers a higher yield solution which dramatically reducing the overall cost of LCD screens, particularly in large displays. Both the preparation of the organic compounds, the embedding matrix and the assembling are processed in open-air, with no specific energy-consuming experimental set-up, reducing considerably the manufacturing cost.

Extended life expectancy

Due to its organic composition and protective solid matrix StoreDot’s MolecuLED emits vivid colors that demonstrate sufficient lifetime with no color fading or white point shifting for more than 30K hours.   



MolecuLED technology for LCD TVs and other displays


StoreDot has developed a disrupting Organic Color Conversion MolecuLED™ technology achieving significant color purity enhancement. The novelty of this technology lies in the use of organic fluorescent compounds as color converters, which possess many characteristics that can be exploited for TV BLU:


  • They are known to absorb and emit light in a very efficiently and fast 

  • Their absorption and emission wavelength can be tuned through synthetic modifications

  • They are environmentally friendly and none toxic

  • Their preparation is relatively simple and inexpensive 


The main limitation to the use of organic molecular fluorescent materials is their relative poorer stability under constant illumination. For these reasons, organic fluorescents has not been used in the LCD market yet. However, StoreDot, overcame these issues and aim to be the first to enter the TV-LCD market using Organic Color Conversion Technology. It accomplished that by embedding its organic fluorescent materials into a polymer matrix that ensure their stability it reaches life-time similar to that required from the TV display market.


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