MolecuLED for Displays

StoreDot’s MolecuLED™ technology is designed to enhance display performance of both LCD and OLED TVs and mobile devices.

As the world’s first organic cadmium-free color-conversion layer, StoreDot’s proprietary MolecuLED produces vibrant colors that exceed the NTSC color standard, based on pure organic molecules.


In addition to the technology breakthrough that shows for the first time a fully organic and non-toxic color conversion layer, it is also very attractive with its cost offering which is merely 5% of any QD competing technology. The MolecuLED solution is based on StoreDot proprietary developed molecules, embedded in a film that can be easily integrated into the TV BLU. The molecules also provide electroluminescence capabilities for a wide range of OLED solutions.

Applying innovative chemically-synthesized compounds that demonstrate unique nanoscale properties of vivid color fluorescence and self-assembling particles, StoreDot has utilized these attributes to dramatically enhance LCD and OLED display technology.

Metal-free, safe and eco-friendly

Existing solutions use either cadmium or other metals banned for use in the EU and containing a warning by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). By contrast, StoreDot’s organic color-conversion enhancement layer is safe and environmentally friendly. No Cadmium, No Indium, No metals whatsoever!

Brilliant, vibrant colors

When excited by light, or by electric voltage, StoreDot’s MolecuLED layer generates unmatched color vibrancy that exceeds NTSC color-gamut standard. For the LED backlight displays, it converts the blue backlight to tunable green and red wavelengths.


The MolecuLED layer generates high wavelength accuracy that guarantees high energy-efficiency, resulting in considerable cost savings. Moreover, MolecuLED brightness is significantly increased due to the unique properties of StoreDot’s proprietary organic compounds that minimize energy loss.


Only 5% of the cost of any known solution, manufactured from organic compounds derived from readily-available, readily available raw materials, StoreDot’s MolecuLED technology offers a higher yield solution than any alternative, dramatically reducing the overall cost of LCD screens for end users, particularly in large displays. 

Extended life expectancy

Due to its organic composition StoreDot’s MolecuLED emits vivid colors that demonstrate sufficient lifetime with no color fading.

Paper-thin and flexible, enhancing user experience

In addition to exhibiting vibrant colors, the MolecuLED is uniquely paper-thin and flexible, consequently paving the way for next-generation displays in mobile devices and large screen TVs. 



MolecuLED technology for LCD TVs and other displays


StoreDot’s innovative MolecuLED layer, containing color-conversion and color-enhancing compounds, is intended for manufacturers of LCD and OLED TV displays and mobile devices, designed specifically to integrate in any display. Comprising proprietary organic molecules, StoreDot’s MolecuLED technology emits vibrant colors that exceed the NTSC standard.


StoreDot’s MolecuLED film is specially developed as an integral part of the backlight unit in LCD displays. It converts blue light into an exceedingly powerful white light that emits vivid colors.


Using the same power consumption as current LCD screens, StoreDot technology enhances LCD displays by providing a far brighter picture). Furthermore, StoreDot’s MolecuLED offers an operational lifetime of over 30,000 hours.



When excited by light, the MolecuLED layer generates illumination of unmatched color and wavelength accuracy, while also displaying high quantum efficiency which guarantees high energy-efficiency and considerable cost savings. Moreover, MolecuLED brightness is significantly increased as a result of minimized energy loss from the bottom polarizer due to the unique intrinsic properties of StoreDot’s organic compounds